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Xerox Phaser 6022 Prints Right From Your Mobile Device

Xerox Phaser 6022

Sure, most folks working on desktop computers have their computers already networked and ready to print — but what about tablets, smart phones and other mobile devices (such as smart watches) and etc.

When buying your next printer, make sure it plays nice with your mobile devices to enable you to easily print right from your mobile devices.

A line of new Xerox printers are optimized for the mobile world.

The Xerox Phaser 6022 Color Printer and WorkCentre 6027 Color Multifunction Printer (MFP) can be up and running in the same amount of time as it takes to brew a pot of coffee. According to Xerox, the devices are easy to use, even for offices without on-site IT staff, and offer sharp image quality typically found with larger, more expensive devices.

Users can print emails, photos and office documents from the devices they use every day like desktop and laptop computers, tablets and smartphones. With the confidence of built-in security and WiFi networking, these printers can be conveniently placed in the office. WiFi Direct, Apple AirPrint and Google Cloud Print enable simple printing without the need to download and install apps or print drivers.

The Xerox Phaser 6022 and WorkCentre 6027 include time-saving features such as simplified wireless setup options. The Paper Setup Navigator takes the guesswork out of using custom paper sizes and stocks for printing envelopes, cardstock, labels and recycled paper easily.

Other productivity boosts for the small office include:

  • Faster print speeds — the Xerox Phaser 6022 and WorkCentre 6027 deliver 18 pages per minute in color and black and white,
  • Paper capacity of up to 150 sheets; capable of handling 16 lb. bond to 60 lb. cover media (60 to 163 gsm),
  • 15-sheet automatic document feeder on the WorkCentre 6027 saves time when copying, faxing or scanning multiple page documents,
  • Large, intuitive color touchscreen on the WorkCentre 6027 makes it simple to navigate all of the device’s features.

Image: Xerox

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Never Lose Your Umbrella Again with Davek Alert

Davek Alert Umbrella

Dave Kahng is a mechanical engineer who noticed a problem with umbrellas: they are far too disposable. He felt that if a person didn’t lose their umbrella first then it would quickly break and become useless in just a few outings. So he set out to create a better umbrella. The result is Davek.

Davek is a company that is serious about umbrellas. These are no cheap temporary accessories. Davek umbrellas are designed to have a high aesthetic and last for years. They also have a price tag to match. Davek umbrellas are priced anywhere from $99 to $350.

The company’s goal is to create products for consumers who would rather invest in one item of quality than cheaper options that will have to be quickly replaced. The company claims to have the strongest, most high-quality umbrellas on the market.

Now Davek has taken to Kickstarter to launch its newest umbrella, the Davek Alert.

For more information on Davek Alert, check out the Kickstarter campaign video below.

Davek Alert starts by being a well crafted umbrella. According to the campaign’s Kickstarter page, the frame is constructed with a combination of materials to supposedly create a balance between rigidity and flexibility. The microfiber canopy and one touch button handle are in keeping with Davek’s already established high standards.

But the most promising feature of this umbrella is the beacon tech that helps prevent loss.

A small Bluetooth based chip is hidden in the handle. This “proximity chip” syncs up to your smartphone with the use of an app. When you are on the go with your umbrella, it will stay connected to your smartphone and send you a message alerting you if it has been left behind. Hence the name Davek Alert.

The company says it’s like having an invisible leash on your umbrella. Walk about 30 feet away and your umbrella will let you know it’s not with you. It’s a convenient feature to have, if you’re spending this kind of money.

Davek states on the company’s Kickstarter page:

“Our love of design and devotion to craftsmanship is embedded within each umbrella that comes off our production line. Beacon technology is very new stuff, but some ideas are just too cool and timely to resist early development. This is one of them. It takes a useful, yet underappreciated device — an umbrella — and brings it into the realm of the internet, allowing you to interact with it, and it to you.”

It’s an intriguing idea. With this beacon technology, Davek is looking to include loss prevention into its line of luxury umbrellas. Davek already has experience in designing and producing their high end products. If anything, Kickstarter is a way for the company to promote their newest model.

Image: Kickstarter

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