NBA Jumps On the VR Bandwagon Early (Watch)

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be in the middle of a real NBA game, you’re in luck – sort of. Beginning October 27, the league is broadcasting at least one game per week using virtual reality technology. That makes it the first major sports league to have regularly scheduled VR broadcasts.

At first, the games will only be available to Samsung VR users. But they’ll be available to users of other devices later in the season.

In addition, you have to be an NBA League Pass subscriber to get access to the VR feed. But the first game being broadcast between the Sacramento Kings and the San Antonio Spurs comes during the League Pass free trial period. So anyone with a Samsung Gear VR can see what the feed is like free of charge.

There currently aren’t too many people who own VR devices. But it’s certainly an area that’s experiencing growth. And by getting involved with this growing trend early, the NBA can potentially gain some fans, or at least turn some casual fans into League Pass subscribers. It can also allow the league to work out any potential bugs early, instead of leaving it until more consumers have experienced VR and expect a seamless experience.

The Business Benefits of Early Tech Adoption

It’s not always beneficial for companies to be the first to jump into using a new type of technology. But in some cases, it does make sense to get involved early. The NBA might just reap the business benefits of early tech adoption for years to come.

Lebron James Photo via Shutterstock

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This Integrative Doctor Wants You To Go To Sleep

Tiffany LesterTiffany Lester (Image: Dr. Tiffany Lester)


Whether you’re starting your own business, working the nine-to-five, juggling college courses and a part-time job, or trying to balance between caring for the family and getting projects done, the need for quality sleep is crucial.

Dr. Tiffany Lester, an integrative medicine doctor based in Cincinnati, recently spoke to Black Enterprise about the effects of poor sleep on established executives and those working to make it to the C-Suite. She noted that restorative rest is the key to having it all and making it all work. It’s the reason why she created The Unconscious Workout, a 21-day digital plan that is similar to a high-intensity, interval training workout and aims to get you into the best sleep shape of your life.

Check out Dr. Lester’s prescription for getting better sleep every night:

Black Enterprise: How can lack of sleep affect how we operate and do things, like managing finances, making important life decisions, leading a company or a group of people, and so forth?

Dr. Lester: Sleep is one of the only things that we literally cannot live without.  If we don’t sleep, we will go clinically insane. If you’re trying to lead a company or any type of business, or if you are just trying to do your job at your company, a lack of good sleep makes it take longer to complete certain tasks. It can also make you irritable. It contributes to brain fog: when the mind gets cobwebbed and cannot process or think clearly. Sleep is absolutely critical for anyone that wants to be successful.

BE: Why should women of color consider The Unconscious Workout? Are there any ailments that they are more likely to get that The Unconscious Workout and quality sleep in general can help to prevent?

Dr. Lester: There are no specific ailments; it’s a universal thing for all people. Culturally, for black women, there’s this guilt—I think—that we tend to carry. [We feel like] we have to do it all. If you want to try to do it all, go for it. But, you can’t do it that if you’re not sleeping well.

BE: What can we do every day to ensure that we are on our way to better sleep?

Dr. Lester: There are four stages, and each one is essential.

  • Stage 1: This is the pre-sleep stage, or the “warm-up.” We warm-up before we exercise to prepare our bodies and protect against injury. The same concept goes for sleep. You can’t expect to watch the latest episode of Game of Thrones and then just fall asleep. It doesn’t work that way. Our bodies and mind need to be gently eased into sleep. Takeaway: Set a bedtime alarm.
  • Stage 2: This is the “light” stage, and it is similar to LIIT (low-intensity interval training). This is the stage where we first start to nod off, and we can still be woken up with little effort. Most people don’t need to improve this stage, unless they are absolutely exhausted and can go straight into a deep sleep. Often, people can be woken up in this stage by a barking dog or passing ambulance, and they have to start all over. Protect this stage of your sleep by wearing ear plugs or a sleep mask, so you aren’t disrupted.
  • Stage 3: This is the “deep” stage, and it is similar to MIIT (moderate-intensity interval training). During this stage, our brain produces relaxing, slow waves to aid our body in healing. This is critical to our health, to clean out all of the cobwebs that have accumulated throughout the day. One of the most important aspects of sleeping well is that it allows our bodies to detox and restore. This is a critical stage, in order to feel awake during the day and for our bodies to function optimally. The best way to ensure you are getting to the deep sleep stage is to exercise for at least 20-30 minutes each day, preferably in the morning.
  • Stage 4: This is the REM stage, or the often elusive dream stage. This stage is similar to HIIT (high-intensity interval training). Most people who say they sleep well are still not dreaming. When you reach this stage on a regular basis, you are able to access your deepest intuition. It is a way for our consciousness to solve a problem for a project at work or express what we really wanted to say to our partner who upset us. In terms of HIIT workout, this is also where we burn the most calories to maintain a healthy weight. To get your best sleep ever, we must allow our bodies to dip into the REM stage of sleep. Our coffee-addicted society is the most common way we rob ourselves of this essential stage. Give yourself a caffeine curfew, and do not consume it in any form after 12 noon. Caffeine has been shown to reduce or eliminate REM stage sleep.

BE: What is one important thing a person can do to get restorative deep sleep, if they don’t want to commit to the three-week digital program?

Dr. Lester: Turn off your phone and step away from the electronics, including the TV or Netflix. The biggest thing is people don’t give themselves time for their body and brain to wind down. Just as you set an alarm in morning, set an alarm for bed. Plus, invest in some comfy sleeping clothes, a good eye mask that doesn’t mess up your hair, ear plugs, and make it a priority–make it a ritual. We should do this ideally an hour before bed, and at least 30 minutes before [going to sleep].

BE: How crucial is it to also exercise?

Dr. Lester: It’s vital. What’s also vital is the time at which you workout. Working out in the morning is best, as it activates the parasympathetic nervous system. It sets you up for the whole day, and [helps you] sleep better that night. If you do workout at night, don’t do anything too intense, like running on a treadmill.


What the 2016 Election Cycle Is Teaching Us About Social Media

We will remember this election for a long time. We’ll also remember it for what it’s taught us about social media.

GoDaddy, Google, Wix Announce New Tools for Business Websites


Managing your small business website can be a complicated process. But this week, several companies including GoDaddy, Google and Wix announced new tools to help make managing websites easier, even while on the go. You can read about these updates and more in this week’s Small Business Trends news and information roundup.

Technology Trends

GoDaddy Says Its Latest Feature Will Make it Much Easier to Launch Your WordPress Site

WordPress is used by 26.9 percent of all the websites in the world, and GoDaddy (NYSE:GDDY) just announced a new service called WordPress Website that will make launching more of those websites on WordPress even easier. The New GoDaddy WordPress Website Wizard GoDaddy said this will be the easiest way for small businesses to build their own WordPress website.

Google Releases Tool Kit to Speed Up Your Mobile Small Business Site

Simply having your website load on mobile devices is no longer enough. Mobile sites have to also be fast, interactive and relevant. With this realization, Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) recently announced a mobile web speed toolkit that should help all publishers build a faster mobile web experience.

Newest Wix App And OS Enable Small Business Owners to Manage Websites on Mobile

Managing a website has gotten easier with mobile, but the new Wix (NASDAQ:WIX) app has gone a step further. You can now manage, create and market your small business anytime and anywhere on your mobile device. This means being able to interact with your customers in real-time to provide superior customer service.

5 New iOS Dropbox Features Let You Work from Wherever

A new version of the Dropbox iOS app is now up for grabs in the App Store. The app includes five new features that are designed to make working with files on iPad or iPhone a breeze. This update quickly follows the July launch of new features for Dropbox Enterprise and Dropbox Business administrators.

First National Drone Delivery Service Launched — in Rwanda

Rwandan President Paul Kagame on Friday launched the world’s first national drone delivery service at a ceremony in Kigali. This comes at a time when U.S. regulatory agencies are yet to clear any kind of commercial drone delivery service here in this country.

Shutterstock Officially Launches Editor With Four New Features to Make Design Easier for Small Business Owners

The Shutterstock image editor launches this week with four new features to make design easier for small business owners and marketers. Stock images can provide an easy way for businesses to add interesting visuals to websites, content marketing and even ads. But personalizing and sharing those images can sometimes be a bit of a hassle.

HP Elite x3 Phablet May Be Pricey for Budget Conscious Small Businesses

The HP Elite x3 phablet is one device that functions  as two. While it has features that back up that claim, the $799 price tag may be a bit much for some small businesses. The new x3 phablet is part of HP’s continuing effort to blur the lines between mobile and desktop computing with modular designs.

Brother Introduces More INKvestment All-in-One Printers for the Home Office

If you’re looking for a new all-in-one printer for your home office, you just got a few new options. Brother (TYO:6448) just introduced a new line of all-in-one devices that are designed specifically for small businesses as part of its INKvestment line of printers.


Trump Assembles Small Business Advisory Panel – Identifies 5 Issues

Presidential candidate Donald Trump announced the formation of a Small Business Advisory Panel this week. The panel, consisting of 17 business leaders, says it will give advice on small business issues.   According to the announcement on the Trump website: “The Council is geographically, gender and ethnically diverse. It represents a cross section of the Small Business Community.

Small Business Lending From Big Banks Hits All Time High in September, Biz2Credit Says

Loan approval rates at big banks and institutional lenders improved to all-time highs in September 2016. That’s according to the latest Biz2Credit Small Business Lending Index, the monthly analysis of more than 1,000 small business loan applications on Approval rates at small banks, alternative lenders and credit unions, however, saw a decline.

Marketing Tips

Starbucks Demonstrates Influencer Marketing with YouTube Star Coffee Taste Test

As social media continues to infiltrate virtually every aspect of daily life, global brands are bending over backwards to gain easy publicity by converting the web’s biggest influencers into de facto representatives — and no one is doing that better than Starbucks (NASDAQ:SBUX).

Tiger Woods Reboots Career Launching TGR Ventures Brand

Tiger Woods has one of the most recognizable personal brands in the world. But now, as health and personal problems have caused him to fall off the top golfer slot, he’s launching a business brand apart from his personal brand. Called “TGR Ventures,” the new brand has a logo with three tiger stripes forming the shape of a W.

Retail Trends

A Third of U.S. Merchants Now Accept Chip Cards, Says U.S. Payments Forum

An increasing number of businesses are switching to chip cards, but at a slower pace. That’s according to the U.S. Payments Forum’s fall 2016 market snapshot. The report has found approximately a third of U.S. merchants now accept chip-based credit and debit cards. The U.S.

The Marijuana Industry is Booming – Even Without Banks (Watch)

The marijuana industry is booming in states like Colorado, where recreational use is legal. And as more states consider legalizing marijuana use, the industry is likely to continue growing. But jumping into this booming industry isn’t easy. Since marijuana use is still illegal on a federal level, banks are wary of working with marijuana companies.

BigCommerce, Magenta, Prestahop Sellers Can Now Promote Products on Google Shopping

Google Shopping has announced a new partnership with three major ecommerce platforms — BigCommerce, Magenta and Prestahop — to allow sellers on these platforms to easily promote their products via the Google Shopping service this holiday season, and beyond.

Small Biz Spotlight

Spotlight: Primaseller is a Swiss Army Knife for Small Retailers

There’s a lot that goes into running an online retail business. And all of those tools and resources can be costly and complicated for small businesses. But that’s exactly what Primaseller is trying to simplify. The company provides a number of different solutions for retail businesses, online and offline.

Small Business Operations

SimpleBusiness Gives Small Companies Buying Power of Large Firms

SimpleBusiness is a brand new community that offers small businesses discounts and best pricing on many of the products and services you purchase regularly. Founded by Scott Gerber and Ryan Paugh, the duo behind Young Entrepreneur Council, SimpleBusiness aims to help small businesses get the same type of buying power that large firms and corporations enjoy.

Social Media

Don’t Be Fooled, Facebook Privacy Hoax is Again Making the Rounds

By now, you must have come across the copyright and privacy notices that have been making rounds on Facebook (NASDAQ:FB). If you haven’t, then you probably have intelligent friends that are not easily fooled. The dreaded paragraph-long Facebook privacy hoax is not entirely new as some have been circulating on the social media site for years now.

That’s Pintastic! Pinterest Crosses 150 Million Monthly Users

Pinterest has surpassed 150 million monthly active users, with more than 75 billion ideas shared. That’s a 50 percent increase from last year when it crossed 100 million monthly users. But more than the big milestone, the company is excited about the diverse group of people using the site.

New Facebook Events App Could Also Be Helpful for Marketing, Appointments

Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) recently launched an all new app that’s solely dedicated to events. The standalone app, creatively named ‘Events from Facebook,’ is designed for events seekers — and business people in a way. The app is available in iOS for U.S. users and will soon be available on Android too.

Mobile Technology

Acer Liquid Jade Primo Demonstrates Trend of Business Phones to Replace your PC

As phablets look to replace PCs altogether, cost is becoming a barrier for small businesses with limited budgets. The Acer Liquid Jade Primo is a more affordable option than the HP Elite x3, which has powerful features but comes in at $800. However, the Jade Primo doesn’t sacrifice on the specs and it has features that more than meet the use cases for small business.

$50 Amazon Phone Makes It Easy to Go Mobile — But With Lots of Ads and Clutter

The number one seller in the unlocked cell phones category on Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) is the $50 Blu R1 HD, which is sold out as of this posting. This is an Amazon phone made by Blu, a US based company that offers the phone for $100, but with Amazon Prime you only pay half the price. For this subsidy, Amazon has tweaked the operating system to load the entire suite of Amazon apps.


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5 Tips to Survive Your Nine-to-Five With A Side Hustle

Side Hustle

This post was written by Jacqueline Miller.

No matter where I am in my travels, there seems to be an ongoing buzz about entrepreneurship, side hustles, side businesses, and so on. The conversations are endless.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that nearly 7 million workers, or approximately 5% of the workforce, holds more than one job. While I am a staunch advocate for the creation of multiple streams of income, the reason why some entrepreneurs retain their nine-to-five as one of them varies from person to person. Many are waiting for their definition of “the right time” to make that leap from what may be their largest investor in their business, to full-time entrepreneurship.

While waiting for that right time, I offer the following five tips to protect your relationship with the current boss, in preparation for becoming the future boss:

1. Know Your Restrictions


Familiarize yourself with the language in any employment agreements that you may have signed. Are you able to work a second job? If you are permitted to seek additional employment, are there any restrictions on the type of additional job you can work? Are there any restrictions on the type of company or industry with whom you can do business? When in doubt, seek legal advice and have copies of these documents available for review, if they exist.

2. Discretion Is Everything


Unless it is company policy to divulge such information, the entire world doesn’t need to know. Some people may be intimidated by your ambition, for example. You may give the impression that you are distracted by your personal goals and not focused on those of your employer. How visible on social media is your business, if your employer conducts a search?  In the event of a potential downsizing, you could very well be targeted, if it is assumed that you aren’t a committed employee and already have one foot out of the door.

3. Side Means Side


Sideline your personal business matters during your company’s hours of operation. No visible side business activities should be occurring in the workplace. Reserve this activity for before and after work and during your lunch breaks. You’re being paid to do their work for now. Don’t give someone without a dream an opportunity to negatively affect yours.

4. Beware of Burnout


Don’t allow your personal appearance or your performance to slip. The effects of your midnight personal grind should not be noticeable to your co-workers. Self-care is a definite must.

5. Hands Off!


What’s theirs is theirs; what’s theirs is not yours. Avoid using company resources for your business. This includes phones (especially for international calls), copiers, papers, supplies, and so on.  In most companies, this is considered theft and is grounds for termination.

The goal is to retain your nine-to-five investor for now. They’re funding your next phenomenal dream business. Do not relinquish that control, until you are ready to exit on your terms—and not a day sooner.


Jacqueline Miller Black Enterprise BOSS Reduced September 2016

Jacqueline Miller is a speaker, author, and life strategist, empowering mothers to reconnect with their pre-mom dreams, guilt-free. She provides clarity and strategies for successfully managing their careers, family, relationships, finances, time, and self-care. Learn more about Jacqueline via her website at and follow her on Twitter @mogulmomdujour.